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Kindergarten Collars

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3 Results

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For your child’s kindergarten graduation, nothing brings that polished look better than GradKids' Kindergarten Graduation Collars.

Here at GradKids, we fuss over every little detail so your little achiever can march proudly on graduation day. With our quality graduation collars, you can choose from a simple selection of colors to fit every school requirement and preference.

Each graduation collar has the following premium features:

  • Our collars are made from a shimmery tricot fabric.
  • Crafted with a sleek, non see-through shiny finish and is available in three different colors.
  • Helps make your child's graduation gown look better without much effort.
  • Each Kindergarten Graduation Collar is separately packaged in its own bag upon delivery.

With our Kindergarten Graduation Collars, you’re assured that your child will instantly look great in his or her graduation gown. Celebrate your child’s success with a touch of elegant sophistication. Get a Kindergarten Graduation Collar from GradKids today!