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Preschool Tassels

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17 Results

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A graduation ceremony is never complete without the conferment, wherein a student’s tassel is switched from right to left—a gesture symbolizing that the student is now a graduate and should be able to receive his or her hard-earned diploma.

For this reason, a tassel is a very important piece in the whole graduation ensemble. So never let your child attend one without it! If you’re looking for the perfect tassel to go with your child’s cap, you’ve certainly come to the right place. GradKids understands your need for quality and charming colored tassels. understands your need for quality, charming and matching-colored tassels— you’ve come to the right place!

  • We offer a wide selection of different colored tassels matching our colored caps and gowns in stock.
  • Comes with a free-moving current year charm or signet.
  • Each tassel length measures 9” without the hang loop.
  • A 6” hang loop allows for easy fitting to the caps.

Year charms or signets are elegant gold-colored year signs that hang on the upper part of the tassel, and such details make it a very good souvenir to keep. Go ahead and accentuate your child’s academic achievement with GradKids’ charming and high-quality tassels today!