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About us

A FOCUS ON PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE believes in employee education as key to continuous improvement for the benefit of our little customers. We do our best to build, test, market, sell, products that will be part of the first major life experiences for Pre-School and Kindergarten graduates. So to keep our edge, we invest in our employee’s education and keep their product knowledge as current as possible.


There’s no great product without great Customer Service. As an integral part of our job, we at regard customer service as one of our most vital business functions, and one that we will always seek to do well. Happy customers—from the proud mom to the beaming young graduate—do not only mean repeat business down the road, but happy individuals who will be future brand evangelists!


We know our products are only useful to you only if they get to you on time. That’s why's logistics team devoted the last few years refining our commercial transportation, logistics, and supply chain management solutions. Through the best talents in the industry, and a leadership training program in place at every level of our company, we’re confident we can deliver your purchases right when you need them.